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Research activites of the EURAD group at RIU

The core tasks and activities of the EURAD group at Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research (RIU) are concerned with atmospheric modeling.

In collaboration with the University of Cologne and the Research Center Jülich the meso-scale chemical transport model system (EURAD) and the inverse model EURAD-IM have been developed for application of air quality issues, whereas EURAD-IM focuses on data assimilation and inverse modeling. Based on the numerical weather prediction model WRF (Weather Research and Forecast) the EURAD system has been applied to predict and analyze boundary layer pollution, air traffic emissions and other effects of human activities. Further natural hazards like volcanic eruptions and wild fires are of special research interest. Recent topical extensions include energy meteorology, investigating for example solar power dependence on aerosol and cloud occurrences. Regarding all these research contents, new methods for atmospheric chemical data assimilation have been and constantly are developed and applied to the EURAD-IM.