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Departments of RIU

AQFA - Air Quality Forecast and Analysis
Head of Department: H. Jakobs

  • Regional Chemistry-Transport-Modelling with the EURAD mode

Monitoring, Analysis und Forecast
Head of Department: H. Elbern

  • Regional Chemistry-Transport-Modelling with EURAD-IM
  • Four-dimensional variational assimilation (4Dvar) of atmospheric trace-gas and aerosole data
  • Inverse Modeling (Source Strength-Inversion) of special episodes e.g. volcano eruptions, wild fires and mineral dust outbreaks
  • Operational forecast simulations, analysis and data assimilation
  • Stratospheric chemistry with SACADA
  • Energy-meteorological forecasts of wind and radiation


Head of Department: M. Pätzold

  • Radioscience